COVID Symptoms and Documents Screening
For Your Event

Organizing an event can be tricky when trying to gather everyone’s COVID tests or vaccine records, not to mention daily screening over the course of the event. MyMedBot makes all of that easy.

How it works

Define your own screening questions

  • Simple and user-friendly, yet customizable
  • Create your own questions, protocols, and pass/fail criteria
  • Use one of our templates to get started in minutes

Effectively track uploaded documents

  • File upload allows immediate verification of any vaccine or COVID test
  • Filterable data and easy management
  • Encrypted and compliant cloud storage

Get attendees inside without fuss

  • Speedy form answering on any device
  • Dynamic and customizable instructions based on user’s answers
  • Easily check responses at the door with Green/Red pass

Vast customizability

  • View live reporter data and immediately verify those who are cleared
  • Generate reports and review records with advanced filtering
  • Create an unlimited number of forms to gather all the information you need

Customizable across industries




Get started today!

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Track your community's immunization status

Screen your community for COVID-19 symptoms

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